Resume Tip From Joel Spolsky

I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes over the last few months and I’ve got to agree with Joel Spolsky’s latest resume tip:

When a startup CTO sees a resume that says things like:
* Responsible for $30m line of business
* Architected new ERP platform
* Managed team of 25 developers
* Optimized business processes
they think, “Spare me, that’s all we need, somebody running around trying to _manage _and _optimize_ and_architect _when we just need someone who isn’t afraid to_write code_.” Here’s the stuff CTOs at startups want to see on a resume:
* Single-handedly developed robust 100,000 LOC threadsafe C++ service
* Contributes to OpenBSD file system in spare time
* Wrote almost 75% of the Python code running IsIt2009Yet.Com

A great tip. It’s no coincidence that I’m posting our startup’s developer openings at