Brad Dean

What I do

I'm a passionate developer with 20 years of experience in both consulting and product led companies.

Microsoft .Net

The majority of my career has been working with .Net, ever since the v1 beta

Xamarin / Maui

I've even been featured on the Microsoft Xamarin Podcast!


Xamarin, Maui, Blazor Hybrid, React Native, Flutter, SwiftUI


Blazor, ASP.Net, React, Angular




Experienced leading teams with all combinations of onsite, remote, offshore

Latest Blog Posts

Auto Start Chrome Dev Tools from Visual Studio

When lauching Chrome from Visual Studio I often open dev tools. So it seemed to make sense that Chrome should just automatically do this. It turns out it’s very easy to set this up.

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PowerFx Blazor Demo

A Blazor implementation of the Power Fx formula bar demo!

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Splash screens in Maui

Dotnet Maui offers a great new way to handle splash screens!

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