Troubleshooting AVPlayer With Xamarin On iOS

When you’re using AVPlayer with Xamarin one of the difficulties can be troubleshooting. There’s an easy way to get error notification from AVPlayer that isn’t mentioned in the Xamarin documentation.

You probably already have something similiar to this line:

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Hybrid App Development Using Visual Studio 2013 - Workshop at Microsoft Alpharetta

On Monday, February 23rd, Abbey Gwayambadde will be leading a session on Cordova development inside Visual Studio 2013. Sign up here:

The following Monday, March 2nd, I’ll be leading a workshop for anyone who’d like to try out Cordova development:

Microsoft Alpharetta Office 1125 Sanctuary Pkwy, Suite 300 Alpharetta, GA

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 7pm

Come on out and I’ll help you get your Cordova app up and running!

Check For SQL Authentication Type Before Adding Users

While setting up a new team member to run a WPF app locally we ran into an error. It look about 30 minutes to realize our setup SQL script was creating a user in SQL server, but mixed mode authentication was not turned on.

To prevent having to relearn this problem again in the future we’ve added this code to our SQL script, right before the CREATE LOGIN command.

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