These are apps I have created on my own. For apps that I have created as part of a team please see “APPS & SOFTWARE” on my StackOverflow CV.


Whela is a Xamarin.Forms mobile app that is currently in beta. The app allows users with chronic health conditions to log their status daily, even when they are not healthy enough to fill out a typical questionnaire. The goal is for the app to require less than 30 seconds of daily input from the end user while providing health care professionals with detailed charts about trends in ongoing conditions.


MigraineX is a Xamarin.Forms mobile app available in both iOS and Android app stores. The app uses weather data to predict when barometric pressure changes will trigger migraines for the user. The back end is on Azure using scheduled jobs to pull in weather data, ASP.NET MVC to serve requests from the app, and Notification Hub for notifications. Since writing this app I have sold it to Cirrus Healthcare. Cirrus and I hold US Patent 10,064,758 for (among other things) this app’s ability to alert users based on barometric pressure changes.

Hooch Status

Hooch Status gives real time information on the safety of using the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. The river is, unfortunately, used as run off and can be filled with e.coli when it rains. Using scheduled Azure jobs data is pulled from USGS (for e.coli data), DarkSky (for weather data), and the Army Corp or Engineers (for dam release information). That information is then stored as JSON files which are read by the website.