Hybrid App Development Using Visual Studio 2013 - Workshop at Microsoft Alpharetta

On Monday, February 23rd, Abbey Gwayambadde will be leading a session on Cordova development inside Visual Studio 2013. Sign up here:


The following Monday, March 2nd, I’ll be leading a workshop for anyone who’d like to try out Cordova development:

Microsoft Alpharetta Office 1125 Sanctuary Pkwy, Suite 300 Alpharetta, GA

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 7pm

Come on out and I’ll help you get your Cordova app up and running!

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Certified Xamarin Mobile Developer with experience in Xamarin Forms, Ionic, Cordova, Phone Gap, ASP.Net MVC, Web Services, and sarcasm.

Atlanta, GA http://truegeek.com